Adopt a virtual stone and help Hadrian's WallMENU

Support Hadrian's Wall and promote your business or community by sponsoring a virtual Milecastle or Turret, and play your part in this important work.

Why not get your company, parish council or community organisation involved in the fundraising activity for Hadrian's Wall by sponsoring your local virtual Milecastle or Turret? There are plenty to choose from and whichever you go for, you will be joining Nurture Hadrian’s Wall in caring for Britain's greatest Roman monument.

Through this opportunity your organisation can ensure that Hadrian’s Wall remains the proud focal point of the North of England as it has been for two millennia, drawing visitors and customers from across the region and the world.

For more information or to sponsor a virtual Turret or Milecastle, please contact

Your contribution will help us continue our work to protect the archaeology; maintain the National Trail, the landscape, and environment; and coordinate the management of access, communications, interpretation, and transport in an increasingly difficult and challenging financial environment.


There are 162 virtual Turrets available, spanning the length of our virtual Wall, at half-mile intervals.

Your company’s name and logo will be featured prominently on your chosen virtual Turret or Milecastle. Adopt a Stone is a global campaign, and we expect the site – and your brand - to be viewed by millions of unique visitors during its lifetime.

You can sponsor a virtual Turret from £1000 per year.


There are just 80 virtual Milecastles available.

In addition to the benefits of sponsoring a virtual Turret, we will provide your company with e-newsletters about the fund raising and the difference your donation is making. We have good links with regional and national media and will promote your company name through press releases and other communications channels wherever possible.

You can sponsor a virtual Milecastle from £3000 per year.